We are a nonprofit, social enterprise created specifically to serve individuals with developmental disabilities through a hydroponic farming operation.  It is an environment where individuals learn practical work skills through an organized training program and gain skills that prepare them for community employment.

We also believe eating locally grown produce is very important. Not only is it healthier, fresher, and tastes better, but it will stimulate our local economy.

So now you are thinking…what can I do to help?

  • We have concluded phase one of the building process on three acres of donated land.  We are fully operational and have started programming with individuals.  We are asking for your help with donations to fund our services.
  • To be a part of Lettuce's Dream's growth, you may donate to operations through the PayPal donate button above.
  • On behalf of our board, our communities and the individuals we hope to serve, we thank you.

Taste O'Green Salad Luncheon Success!

Everyone in the Lettuce Dream family would like to sincerely thank those who were involved in the Taste O'Green Salad Luncheon on March 9, 2018. Thank you to the volunteers who gave their time and energy and all of the organizations and business that made it possible.

We are extremely thankful to our community for your continued support! Without our large community of supporters, our dream would not be possible.

Thank you!